Welcome to Motivation for Education

Motivation for Education Network (MFE Network) is an organization dedicated to supporting, encouraging and empowering youth facing prevalent social issues of today including peer pressure, bullying and abuse.

Motivation for Education Network (MFE Network) has been recognizing and awarding students from kindergarten to college seniors, every month since 2010.

We have sponsored students, given cash, awards and prizes through multiple projects.

We have a “Youngster’s Guide” book series, which deals with serious social issues that affect young men and women. The books are designed to help them address those issues in a way that they can relate to, combining entertainment with lessons.

We designed two programs: B.O.S.S. (Betterment of Self System) and PG (Positive Growth) Sessions. Both of which have been implemented into schools and youth organizations.

We continue to create projects and partner with educators, community leaders and sponsors to recognize, reward and motivate students to value the importance of education and positive growth.